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Integrative/Functional Healthcare

Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine are two terms that describe a holistic way of looking at health and wellness. The terms are often interchangeable. You will probably notice these terms used more and more in hospitals, medical offices, and wellness centers.

Integrative Medicine seeks to encompass Western biomedical sciences with as well as traditional healing approaches such as those found in Traditional Oriental Medicine and other forms of health care that often come from Eastern traditions. It seeks to look at the patient in context of their diet, lifestyle, physical, and emotional health. As more research continues to support the use of natural therapies, integrative medicine seeks to be evidence-based, drawing upon scientific research when available to validate the use of modalities and therapies.

Functional Medicine takes a biochemical nutritional approach to healing and prevention of chronic illness. Functional medicine takes a systems biology approach as it seeks to evaluate the patient’s unique biochemistry in context of their diet, lifestyle, and exposure to environmental toxins. Assessment and treatment are personalized and take into account genetic uniqueness, biochemical individuality, nutritional needs, and lifestyle stressors.

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