Lauren Howard, L.Ac.

Lauren Howard, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Lauren’s interest in Chinese Medicine began when she was a patient herself. After seeing positive changes in her own health and vitality, she enrolled in the prestigious Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, where she graduated with honors in 2004. Lauren has been an integral part of the Santa Monica Wellness Center team ever since.

At a time when many doctors are specialists, Lauren enjoys the full-spectrum of a family practice. Lauren truly understands the deep mind-body-spirit connection, and believes that to experience genuine healing, the whole person must be taken into consideration. In her practice, Lauren treats patients presenting with wide-ranging array of health challenges including endocrine imbalances, immune and auto-immune conditions, fertility issues, dermatological issues, gastrointestinal conditions, orthopedic and sports injuries, and stress and anxiety challenges. She utilizes lab tests, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, and herbal and nutritional supplementation.

Lauren is recognized by her patients for her passionate style of healing. She is thrilled to bring her unique approach to all people seeking greater health and wellness. When she’s not treating her patients, Lauren loves spending time with her family, especially chasing after her very active young son, Ben, and their rescue dog, Pita. She also loves creating new recipes, and cooking up delicious and healthy meals.