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Lauren Howard, L.Ac.

Lauren Howard, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Lauren Howard, L.Ac.

I’ve broken my back…twice.  I’ve broken an arm, a wrist, and a finger. I’ve broken a foot, and a toe. I’ve dislocated my shoulder many times.  I’ve had back surgery, reconstructive knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and foot surgery. I’ve had a lacerated spleen.  I’ve had metal pins and screws implanted in me…some are still there! I’ve spent 3 months in a body cast, and over 2 years of my life on crutches (not all at once.)  I’ve sprained and strained. I’ve smashed, and crashed. I get pain. If you’re hurting, or if things just don’t feel right, I’ve been there.


Is it any wonder I was destined for a life in medicine?  But not just any medicine…Chinese Medicine! I discovered acupuncture and quickly fell in love with its mix of ancient wisdom and healing techniques.  When I began studying Chinese Medicine, I realized that its power for healing the body resides in the opposing yet interdependent energy of yin and yang.  When these forces are unbalanced, weak, or stagnant, then pain and disease can set in. When yin and yang are harmonized, and the flow of qi (lifeforce) has been restored, the body is free to return to its natural state of optimal health.


Since graduating with honors from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2004, I have used the intensive training and my personal experience, along with years of clinical work and my intuitive knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection, to help patients recover from a wide variety of health challenges, including hormonal imbalances, immune and autoimmune conditions, fertility issues, dermatological issues, digestive disorders, orthopedic and sports injuries, and stress and anxiety.  I utilize lab tests, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and herbal and nutritional supplementation. 


With sensitivity, compassion, positivity, and of course, humor, I work with people to regain the sense of optimism and hope they have regarding their health.  I am passionate and honest, and I believe true healing and transformation are possible. It has been my sincerest honor to guide people on the path to living pain free, and achieve the abundant health and happiness that is available to all.  When I’m not treating patients, I love spending time with my family, especially playing basketball with my son Ben, and running after my rescue dog, Roxie, on the beach. I am also an avid reader, meditator, cook, and boogie boarder!



(310) 451-7170 Directions