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When will I feel better after a treatment?

Your relief may be immediate, come on after a few hours, or may be noticeable within a few days. This relief may be permanent, or may last days, weeks or months. Depending on your condition, and how severe or chronic your symptoms have become, you may begin to experience relief after one or several treatments.
In rare instances, symptoms

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Are there any side effects?

Most patients report a sense of deep relaxation and rejuvenation after acupuncture, and can continue about their day with no restrictions. Occasionally, some patients may report feeling light-headed, dizzy, tired, or nauseous after a treatment. Symptoms usually disappear within 10-30 minutes, but it is always advisable to listen to your body and rest if you need to. Slight bruising or

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Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very thin and flexible, quite unlike hypodermic needles used to give “shots” or take blood.  Oftentimes, you cannot feel them being inserted, however at times they might produce a slight pricking sensation.  It is typical to occasionally experience a heavy or mild aching feeling in the area around an acupuncture point.  Please notify me if you are

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What can acupuncturists treat?

Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of medical problems. Below are some of the health concerns that acupuncture can effectively treat:

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How are acupuncturists educated?

Today, most acupuncturists undertake four to six years of extensive and comprehensive graduate and post-graduate training at nationally certified colleges and universities. All acupuncturists must pass a national exam and meet strict guidelines to practice in every state. Our acupuncturists are nationally board certified and state licensed.

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