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Our Purpose, Mission, Vision

Tree - Purpose. Mission. VisionOur Purpose (what guides us, why we do what we do):

Our purpose is to be an illuminating presence by inspiring our patients by supporting the wisdom of the body for wholeness and well being.

We know that everyone has within them amazing gifts and talents and joy.

Sometimes we get off track. When we get back on track we feel better and remember truth. We are here to help you get back on track and remember who you are: amazing, magnificent, as unique as your fingerprints. We are here to support the highest good of all who seek care with us.   We love to encourage people to remember and embody their true nature: each and every person has the capacity for vitality beyond imagination and we are here to support that realization. Drawing on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and integrating that wisdom with modern science, we are honored to offer guidance to allow for restoration of health and vitality.


Our Mission (how we serve):
At the Santa Monica Wellness Center, our intention is to empower our patients to realize their fullest potential, through the principles and application of Chinese Medicine,, for the restoration of wholeness: body, mind, and spirit. We deliver this care from a place of respect, integrity, and compassion. We inspire, educate and provide opportunities to create and sustain abundant health, while enlightening awareness to the infinite healing power of the human body, mind, and spirit.

We are here to support the transformation of our patients through care. Our care is expressed through various health-supportive modalities, which include Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapies, Lifestyle Counseling, and Qigong Instruction. We also support the local and global community by education, outreach, and service. We support local non-profits by donating a part of our proceeds to those making a difference in the health of underserved populations.  

Throw a pebble in the ocean and see the ripple effect. For every patient who heals and transforms, they are inspiring others to heal and transform, and we can express the very best of ourselves, creating a world that operates from love. We aspire to be the most fun, inspiring and joyful partners on your healing journey! We are energized by the Life Force or Qi – the Universal Intelligence that is the source of wisdom, consciousness and purpose that flows through all of life. It is through this awareness that we know all of life is connected. Everything in the universe is sourced by an intelligence beyond what the human mind can comprehend. Let’s tap into that intelligence together and be amazed!


Our Vision (our aspirations):
We know that every person has within them the capacity to uplevel her or his well being and transform and experience a life that is truly magnificent. When we operate from love and truth and not fear, we allow our true selves to unfold and express–and it is amazing!  

We know that harmony and peace on the planet expresses as each individual realizes harmony and peace within. The human body is a great place to experience harmony!  Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, which are based on harmony, guide us to guide us to assist you in the restoration of harmony and wholeness. Our vision is that we continue to serve our patients well so they may know abundant health, inner peace, and a joyful heart.  

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